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    Used Office Furniture Chorley

    For top quality used office furniture in Chorley, look no further than Coggin Sustainable Office Solutions.

    We are the number one choice in the area of Chorley for used and refurbished office furniture.

    Both our team and products are exceptional and we always look forward to working with new people and businesses to show them just how good used products can be. We’ve been established for a long time now and it’s amazing to see our stock leave the showroom and end up in beautiful office spaces.

    Our clients list is extensive and so is the number of products we’ve got on sale. 

    We’ve got a whole host of chairs, desks, meeting tables, storage units, cabinets and more, all available for delivery in Chorley.

    You can do this by calling our team on 01995 606414 or by using the contact form on our website.

    Check out our main used office furniture categories below:

    Used Office Chairs Chorley

    It’s quite common for people to buy something brand new when they require it because that’s the standard way of shopping for office furniture. However, did you know there is an alternative way that’s much better for the environment and can also save you money? Next time you need an office chair, why not consider a used and refurbished one from us.

    Our range of used office chairs is magnificent. There are so many different styles, colours, materials, shapes, sizes and brands waiting for you. We’ve got ergonomic chairs, used mesh chairs, used executive chairs and so much more too.

    We’ve even got used office booths available which are fantastic for reception and meeting areas. Chat to our Chorley team today. 

    used office furniture chorley

    Check Out Our Used Office Chair Range!

    Used Desks Chorley

    Desks are a very important part of an office and we understand why you might initially think that a brand new desk is the way forward. Well, give us twenty seconds to show you a used and refurbished desk and you’ll be gobsmacked at how clean, aesthetic and uniformed they look together. What’s more is that a new set of desks can be quite expensive in one go so used and refurbished desk purchasing is a very cost efficient and eco-friendly way of going about it.

    You can find single desks, bench desks, standing desks, and much more with us, all used and refurbished of course. 

    used office furniture chorley

    Check Out Our Used Office Desk Range!

    Used Meeting Tables Chorley

    Ever considered used meeting tables to fill your office with? Chances are you haven’t because you haven’t come across a company like us that specialises in it. Meeting tables are crucial for a lot of businesses and organisations and can be a focal point of a room. Instead of potentially spending a lot of money on expensive meeting tables, you could buy used and refurbished ones from us. They’re quality, clean, durable and reliable.

    We’ve got folding tables, used coffee tables, used round meeting tables, used rectangular tables and lots more which we’d love to show you. Come and chat to our team to find out more and to view our extensive portfolio. 

    second hand furniture chorley

    Check Out Our Used Meeting Table Range!

    Used Storage Units Chorley

    Storage units are very handy in an office and are used repeatedly but when you run out of space in your current ones, you need more! Perhaps you should look into our used and refurbished storage units because we think you’ll be impressed with how strong, durable, good looking and reasonably priced they are.

    Popular choices for used storage units include used bookcases, used filing cabinets, and some more sophisticated types that you can browse today!

    Check Out Our Used Storage Units Range!

    second hand office furniture chorley

    Used Office Furniture Chorley - High-Quality Brands

    Coggin Sustainable Office Solutions will cover all your office furniture needs with high quality used and refurbished products from multiple brands. Some examples of these well known names are; Allermuir, Brunner, HAG, Herman Miller, Sedus, Modus, and Pedrali.

    You’re more than welcome to ask us any questions about any of these brands as well as used furniture in general, so we look forward to hearing from you soon. As well as speaking to us directly, make sure you check out all the blogs and articles we’ve written on our website about used and refurbished office furniture in Chorley. 

    Why Choose Us?

    We think you should choose us for a number of reasons but mainly because we’re a tried and trusted supplier of used and refurbished office furniture so you know quality is all we offer here.

    Our business is unique and we essentially offer everything a normal supplier would, but it’s much more eco-friendly and the prices are more affordable. We’re proud of what we do and will answer any of your questions honestly. Contact our Chorley team today. 

    Order Today Or Call Coggin Sustainable Office Solutions

    Your enquiry means everything to us here at Coggin Sustainable Office Solutions Chorley. You, choosing us as your furniture supplier is an honour and something we don't take lightly. Our team is willing and ready to make your used and refurbished furniture journey as enjoyable as possible.

    After dealing with us, you'll never buy anything else but used again! We work with businesses and organisations of all types and sizes so give us a call on 01995 606414 today. You may also wish to contact us via our website contact form. We are active on all channels so we will pick your enquiry as soon as we can.